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Posted By Maria    February 4th, 2011    1 Comments
  1. i'mhere4ashley Said,

    Awww how cute! How anyone can dislike her is beyond me she’s a sweetie pie. I just read something very “anti” to quote her teen vogue interview off a site and was kinda annoyed by it but then I thought well damn she must be SOMETHING right for you not to know her personally and feel the need to write those things about her. I’m happy she doesn’t read those negative comments, and continue to pay them no mind, she’s focused on her career and her passions. As she stated in her Vogue interview all of these great opportunities have been opened to her whats he’s suppose to say “NO I’ll just sit here and hope for the best for my career. I wont put in any work in just leave it to chance” all because a couple people feel like she’s trying too hard? And question whats not trying to hard? What does she come off eager? What gets me the most is if she did try to appease them its not like they’d over night start liking her Its not like they’re going to suddenly discover they’re Ashley’s biggest fan. So why try to do anything to please them? Why would she dim her light and shine less for people who will continue to hate on her no matter what? The best way to shut a hater up is with your talents, continue to be great set your goals, live your life, and when you reach the top they’ll be same assholes praising you. A Hater is just confused fan. In the mean time I hope Ash knows that for every 1 negative comment or person there is, there are 10x more positive comments family, friends, and fans who love her and are rooting for her.