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Australian filmmaker and actress Lian Lunson is heading in a completely different direction for her debut feature-length dramatic effort. The helmer behind the celebrated Leonard Cohen documentary, “I’m Your Man,” which featured a memorable and intimate Bono, Edge and Cohen performance in New York’s tiny Slipper Room venue, is venturing into the narrative feature arena for her next picture. And she’s amassed quite the cast.

Titled, “The Boom Boom Room,” the mystical drama and modern-day fable will feature Christopher Walken, Shirely MacLaine, “Twilight” starlette Ashley Greene and Adam Beach (”Flags Of Our Fathers,” “Windtalkers”) with Bono and director Wim Wenders acting as executive producers. Set in the desert of New Mexico, the fairytale film, which will shoot there on location this summer, focuses on a young woman named Adeline Winter (Greene) who embarks on a voyage to dig up old family secrets and comes upon a pair of old vaudeville stars (Walken and MacLaine) who transform her life. Here’s the official synopsis given to us by Lunson herself.

In the California desert, in a mystical and magical town, live the once great Vaudeville stars, Dixie Meade and Jimmy Riggs.  They have long awaited the return of the baby girl they were forced to give up to find her way back to them.

One day, Adeline Winter, a mysterious and beautiful girl, appears.  She is not the girl for whom they were waiting, but their lives and hers will be inexorably intertwined and changed forever.

Gold dust, Dancing Girls, and Long-haired Indians will all collide with this family in search of redemption, salvation and each other. A fairytale world provides the landscape and THE BOOM BOOM ROOM with a heartbeat.  A story of miracles, love and the belief in all that is good gives hope to all who journey into this magical world of wonderment.

Lunson also wrote the screenplay and said the film will take its tonal inspiration from movies like “Moulin Rouge,” Wenders’ “Wings Of Desire” and “Priscilla Queen Of The Desert:

“The picture will have a timeless quality [and] it will not reflect any particular period,” Lunson said in her vision statement. “The audience will be taken into a dreamy landscape where the story and the emotional lives of the characters are the focus. It is a languid time, rich in beauty…the era as mysterious as the story itself.”

No release date has been set just yet but we encourage Ms. Lunson to watch the similarly-themed “Passion Play” (also set in a magical desert) as a back-to-front playbook of what not to do when making her film. [ScreenDaily]

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