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I’ve posted some sweet comments from girls that met Ashley and Joe in New York City!!!

“I went into the city today with some of my friends and guess who we bumped into and took pictures with.Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene.they were both so adorable and nice.Ashley was even more beautiful in person.
Joe even gave us his phone to take a picture of him and ashley in front of the tree.
:) my legs were shaking the entire time. klsdfjioeure;today is a wonderful day.
it was fate i tell you. my friends jess and amy saw joe walk right past them after we took pictures in front of the tree and they kinda ran after him. and then i was so confused and my other friend was like it’s joe freakin jonas. so then i just ran after them and looked up and him and ashley were right in front of me. we asked if we could take pictures and joe was like yeah totally, just act like we’re friends. It was weird cause it was so crowded and nobody even recognized them. But they were absolutely adorable together. he was calling her babe and ugh. She was so nice. I said thank you so much to her after we took the pictures and she was like you’re welcome sweetie. and they said merry christmas. kdfuioper;”


“At Saks a fan said they were kissing and doing cute things to eachother, she first spotted then looking at LV scarfs, a salesman said that Joe arrived before Ashley and he bought four Gucci bags, one for Denise, another one for Ashley.” She took a pic with Joe but I’m not going to add that.


“So I’m on vaca with the family in New York (DO YOU KNOW HOW COLD IT IS HERE?) and guess who I ran into today (Technically, it being after midnight, yesterday)? Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene! I was shopping with my sisters and I saw Joe and Ashley, at first I didn’t wanna go up to them and bother them, because they seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I saw Joe kiss her check and whisper in her ear, she just giggle. Once I saw that another girl came up to them, I decided to go up to them. They were very sweet. I asked for a picture, they said yes (I’ll upload in a few). Afterwards, they wished me a “Very happy holiday.” As I walked away, I saw Joe wrap his arm around Ashley’s waist. They were very sweet and even more adorable in person. :)” She said she will post her picture later.


Posted By Maria    December 19th, 2010    Comments Off on Fans Saw and Met Ashley & Joe!!!

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