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Posted By Maria    March 4th, 2016    Comments Off on [Interview] Anatomy of a Red Carpet Photo, with Ashley Greene

USA Today’s coverage of Ashley preparations for Elton John’s Oscar Party continues with some secrets on how to handle the red carpets and more.

oscars (7)

Something viewers might not think about while forming best-dressed lists in their heads: What goes into creating that red-carpet moment?

Actress Ashley Greene, who is known for starring as Alice Cullen in the Twilight movies, and is playing Mia in Rogue, which premieres March 23 and is available to DirecTV and AT&T U-verse customers, gave us a taste of the red carpet and talked us through the anatomy of a specific press line photo. This one was from Sunday’s elite Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar party.

The face

Walking down a red carpet can be rather alarming for a celebrity being photographed, “no matter how many times you do it,” Greene said. “There’s a bunch of screaming, yelling photographers telling you to look in every direction. They want to see the front of the dress, the back of the dress, have you turn this way, smile and not smile… The best advice is just to ignore them and know what you’re gonna do on the carpet and stick to it, because otherwise you look like a deer caught in the headlights.”

The dress

In her pre-Oscars dress-fitting (which USA TODAY tagged along for), Greene, 29, had narrowed her outfit choices to three: a plunging purple Amanda Wakeley dress, a red off-shoulder Safiyaa gown and a beaded Naeem Khan number.Greene opted for the third dress. “I showed a photo of it (to a friend), and he’s like ‘That’s beautiful, and you could tell you feel good in it.’ I’m glad he said that, because I had already picked it out,” Greene said. The choice called for a quick and complicated alteration from Greene’s tailor, Pasha. “Anything he had to take in or take off, he took off the beads and then altered it and put it back on. He’s a magician.”

The jewelry

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Posted By Maria    May 16th, 2015    Comments Off on ‘Shangri-La Suite’ Makes World Market Premiere in Cannes


Arclight Films is proud to announce the world market premiere of SHANGRI-LA SUITE, the new dark dramatic thriller starring EMILY BROWNING (POMPEII, SLEEPING BEAUTY, SUCKER PUNCH) and LUKE GRIMES (FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, AMERICAN SNIPER, TAKEN 2) as well as ASHLEY GREENE (THE TWILIGHT SAGA) and RON LIVINGSTON (BOARDWALK EMPIRE, OFFICE SPACE, SWINGERS) in Cannes. The film is currently in post-production and Arclight Films will be showing first-look footage to distributors in Cannes.

Shangri-La Suite Offers Strong Cast

“We’re extremely excited to be introducing such an enthralling film as SHANGRI-LA SUITE to buyers in Cannes for the very first time,” said Clay Epstein, SVP Sales and Acquisitions for Arclight Films. “The film is incredibly entertaining with major worldwide appeal – it’s fun, captivating, thrilling and Browning and Grimes’ chemistry is off the charts. To say this is a sexy film doesn’t even begin to describe their chemistry.”

The cast members of SHANGRI-LA SUITE are all able to claim impressive and formidable followings, resumes and combined box office earnings into the billions of dollars (US). Livingston made a name for himself and earned a major cult following with his roles in OFFICE SPACE and SWINGERS and boasts lifetime box office earnings of more than $425M (US). Browning followed suit with her roles in films like SUCKER PUNCH, SLEEPING BEAUTY and POMPEII and already has box office earnings nearing the $300M (US) mark. Grimes also boasts a consistently growing fan-base since that has achieved a massive boost after his latest starring-role in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. The film’s sequel has already been announced with Grimes back in the lead as the formidable Elliot Grey.

SHANGRI-LA SUITE tells the story of the offbeat star-crossed lovers, Jack (GRIMES) and Karen (BROWNING), and their dark adventure on the road to Los Angeles. After breaking out of the mental institution where they met, the two love birds leave behind a trail of dead bodies to help Jack fulfill what he thinks is his personal life mission: assassinating his idol, Elvis Presley.

“We are very excited to be working with Arclight on SHANGRI-LA SUITE,” said producer Matthew Perniciaro. “Eddie has created a bold, unique and stunning film highlighted by wonderful performances from Emily, Luke and Ron and Arclight Films’ enthusiasm for it has been unmatched. We look forward to working with them to bring it to the international marketplace.”

The film is directed by Eddie O’Keefe from a script by O’Keefe and Chris Hutton. Michael Sherman and Matthew Perniciaro of Bow and Arrow Entertainment produced SHANGRI-LA SUITE with Tariq Merhab of Anonymous Content in co-production with Haven Entertainment, Bona Fide and Freedom Media Capital.

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Posted By Megan    July 22nd, 2014    Comments Off on Ashley Wants You To Check Out These 5 TV Shows & Movies

Wish I Was Here” star Ashley Greene‘s career spans numerous TV shows and plenty of movies (including all five “Twilight” installments). Of course, being a professional actress doesn’t preclude her from being a fan, — so we wanted to know what TV shows and movies she’s a fan of, especially those you can sit back and watch in the comfort of your own home.

The gracious Greene sent along her current #5WorthWatching, along with a few words on why they’re worth checking out.

Be sure to check out her new movie, “Wish I Was Here,” which is in select theaters now and expands nationwide on Friday, July 25.

Check out Ashley’s suggestions at the SOURCE.

Posted By Megan    July 22nd, 2014    Comments Off on Ashley On How Her “Wish I Was Here” Character Changes Josh Gad’s Character

The “Twilight” alum, who has a small but significant role in the Zach Braff film, also talked about how her character is reflective of the title and the importance of the movie’s Kickstarter based fan support.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Wish I Was Here.]

Ashley Greene is only in a few scenes of Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here, but the Twilight alum plays a significant role in Josh Gad’s character’s storyline.

Gad’s Noah, the brother of Braff’s lead character Aidan, begins the film shut off from his family and other people, holed up in the trailer he lives in. But as he pursues his Comic Con-attending neighbor Janine, played by Greene, he begins to express himself more, though he’s unable to reconnect with his estranged father, played by Mandy Patinkin, who’s dying of cancer. Ultimately Noah confesses to Aidan’s daughter Grace that he’s afraid and finally visits his estranged dad before he dies.

Greene says she thinks her character allows Noah to emerge from his isolation.

“She is the vehicle for him, I think, to be able to express himself and find happiness and find who he wants to be and kind of succeed,” Greene tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I think she’s a very important part to Noah on his journey to finding that. …Together I think they, kind of without even knowing it, work as a team to bring him out of his shell.”

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Posted By Maria    May 23rd, 2014    Comments Off on Wish I Was Here: Mixed Reviews for a Uniquely Different Film

Hi, everyone! Here is a special article for ‘Wish I Was Here’ movie by Spencer. You might remember his first article for ‘CBGB’ back in October 2013. So, be sure to check it out, it’s worth the read!

A little over a year ago, actor/director Zach Braff did something that was (then) revolutionary for Hollywood: he used crowdfunding site Kickstarter to try to fund an upcoming project of his. Braff said he was inspired by the success of Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell’s campaign to raise funds for the Veronica Mars movie. Of course, this move wasn’t without controversy, with many pointing out that an actor who is paid tens of thousands of dollars per episode of a show, or millions for a film, should have the means and/or connections to find funding through traditional channels. However, Braff rebutted by pointing out that outside investors use that money as leverage to make changes to the casting, script, and general direction of the film, compromising the artist’s work and overall intention of the movie.

It was a project that Braff had written, and also planned to star in, direct, and produce – thus making it a very personal cause for him. His passion for the project paid off when he raised the $2 million needed for the project in only three days ($3.1 million in total), and the filming began in August. Aside from Braff, other members of the cast include Kate Hudson, Ashley Greene, Jim Parsons, and Donald Faison.

The film (preview here) tells the story of Aidan Bloom (Braff) who is a 35 year old struggling actor and father of two. His wife Sarah (Hudson) is gradually losing patience with him, his slacker brother’s (Josh Gad) only ambition is to impress a cosplaying hottie (Greene), and his father (Mandy Patinkin) has to stop paying for his children’s private Hebrew school education due to a cancer diagnosis.

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Seems like great news and apparently ‘Kristy’ is the official title (previously known as Satanic & Random). According to the facebook page of Tiberius Film ‘Kristy’ will be premiered on August. We haven’t heard anything about a release date but we hope it will be this year. Below is a google translated article about ‘Kristy’ and others. [via]

Tiberius film , this year, with Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, ” Lost River “as well as the South American thriller” El Ardor “with Gael García Bernal in the official selection at the 67th Festival de Cannes represented, reported the first purchases from the Croisette. So Tiberius  acquired Weinstein’s thriller “Kristy” with Ashley Greene (” Twilight “) and Haley Bennett (” Marley & Me “). From Premiere Entertainment Tiberius “hasAfternoon Delight “bought, among other things, a comedy with Josh Radnor , best known as Ted Mosby from ” How I Met Your Mother  “. “We are very excited about the large presence in Cannes. Firstly, we can the premieres of ‘El Ardor’ and ‘Lost River’ present audiences with two spectacular movie highlights. Secondly, we were successful in the market and have two exciting and entertaining new films acquire all-star cast, “says Wolfgang Carl , Managing Director Tiberius film.


Posted By Maria    April 13th, 2014    Comments Off on Ashley Challenges Boyfriend Paul to a Car Race: But Who Won?

Ashley Greene felt the need for speed before she hit the Coachella music festival in California on Friday.

The former Twilight star, who’s the new face of the Oakley eyewear Made for More campaign, challenged her boyfriend, Paul Khoury, to a race around the track at the Thermal Club on Thursday in Palm Springs.

The 27-year-old suited up in full racing gear and slipped into a brand new Bentley at the Oakley Learn to Ride event as she took on her Aussie TV star beau.

Greene’s inner adrenaline junkie took over as she put the pedal to the metal and beat Khouri with a 26.3-second lap around the track – not bad considering the 27-year-old was wearing booties with two-inch heels!


Posted By Maria    September 19th, 2013    Comments Off on CBGB: How it Started, Punk Bands & The End

Here is an exclusive article about CBGB, thanks to Spencer a freelance entertainment blogger. He had this great idea to write an article on how the CBGB started, about the Punk bands that got to performed there and how it came to an end, he also mentions the upcoming movie. So, be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think.

On September 5th the new film CBGB, about the New York City bar of the same name, made its debut on DirecTV Cinema. The film will be released theatrically on October 11th, and is highly anticipated thanks to the big-name cast and the various singers and performers that are being portrayed. The cast includes Alan Rickman as CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, Ashley Greene as his daughter Lisa, Malin Akerman as Blondie front woman Debbie Harry, as well as Justin Bartha and Rupert Grint as Stiv Bators and Cheetah Chrome of The Dead Boys. While the big names have attracted a younger audience to the film, many teenagers and young adults today are not fully aware of the cultural impact that CBGB had in the 70’s and 80’s and why it became such a cultural icon.

Hilly Kristal first opened CBGB & OMFUG (standing for Country, Bluegrass, Blues, & Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers, but going by the much easier CBGB) in 1973 at 315 Bowery in Manhattan. As is made obvious from its name, it was first created to be a place to showcase country, bluegrass, and blues music. However in 1973 the nearby Mercer Arts Center, where many local rock and punk groups would perform, collapsed and left its regular performers looking for a new home. Hilly allowed almost anyone to play at CBGB during the early days as long as they played original music – no covers were allowed. CBGB was also very welcoming of new bands and gave then unknown bands, like the Misfits, Ramones, and Blondie, a platform to perform and help build a following.

In the 80’s the club started to attract more hardcore punk bands thanks to it’s Sunday matinees which allowed struggling bands to take the stage. Among those bands were Reagan Youth, Cro-Mags, Beastie Boys, and Agnostic Front. However, as the punk following began to grow, so did the violence in and outside of the club and in 1989 Kristal banned hardcore bands from performing there. By the 90’s the club was cemented as an iconic place for music, particularly punk. It was also during this period that the club began to expand, opening an art gallery next door as well as expanding into merchandising, primarily the famous CBGB t-shirts that are still sold today.

In 2003 the beginning of the end came for CBGB when the Bowery Residents Committee took legal action against the club for back rent and missed rent increases totaling over $390,000. The landlord of CBGB also happened to be the head of the BRC and this all occurred right before CBGB’s lease was up, prompting the landlord to ask for a 200% rent increase. Unable to pay the high rent bills, Kristal was forced to shut the club down. The final night, October 15, 2005, was marked by a powerful 3 ½ hour performance by Patti Smith who played original songs as well as covers of songs made famous by the club. A little after 1AM on October 16th CBGB’s shut its doors for the last time.

The spirit of CBGB lives on today, and I’m not only talking about the merchandise. Every year in New York City, the CBGB Festival welcomes bands of all kinds which are booked by the former CBGB booker and current co-owner of the CBGB name Louise Parnassa-Staley. Last year’s MET Gala, which was themed “Punk: From Chaos to Couture”, featured a replica of the infamous CBGB bathroom which welcomed guests as they entered the exhibit.

In fact, the spirit of CBGB is injected directly into the film CBGB thanks to their use of some of the real parts of the CBGB club as sets and props. In a way, the new Cinema channel from that is streaming the film everywhere also marks the beginning of a new era in movies in the same way CBGB itself offered a way to circumvent the traditional music industry for so many artists in the 70s and 80s, and so it’s very fitting that a movie called CBGB is poised to help break the mold for how art can or should be offered to the public.