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Here is Ashley Q&A session she had this morning in New York on Entertainment Weekly Facebook page. She answered some really lovely and unique questions. Check them out below:

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Wish I Was Here Hi! I’m “here” (get it?!) to answer your questions…let’s get started!


Peggy Simuyuni How different is the feeling of working on an indie film as compared to a big budget movie for you?

Wish I Was Here Hi Peggy – working on WIWH is different than a studio film and most indies since it was funded by his fans (thank you guys!) on Kickstarter, which gave Zach full creative freedom. That really set the tone. Everyone was really excited about being there and making the best film possible for you guys. Apart from that, most indie films are just a lot more intimate feeling.


Malena Srur Ashley; would you like to make a period movie piece, old hollywood and stuff? Would you like to prove luck in tv again, like HBO?

Wish I Was Here I would LOVE to do a period piece! I think there is something very romantic about them. It’s also nice to be able to entertain as well as educate people about that moment in time. Having the opportunity to work on television, as well as film would be the dream. The face of television has really changed in such a positive way.


Larissa Martins what do you most like in this movie?

Wish I Was Here I loved that Zach was able to tap into a lot of very serious, poignant subject matter, but still slip in comedic relief at the right moments… in true Zach Braff style.


Ami Maurer Thomas How have other roles measured up to playing Alice in the Twilight series?

Wish I Was Here Every role is different, and special in its own unique way. That’s part of what I love about my job. Alice will of course always hold a special place in my heart.

Beth Bird What do you look for while chosing a role to play?
Wish I Was Here There are a lot of different variables that go into choosing a role. Not only does my character need to affect and move me, the rest of the script has to as well. I am always looking for new, uncharted territory in my characters. I want to use new acting muscles with every role I take on.
Alessandra Florenzi Who’s your favourite director? 
Wish I Was Here Zach Braff 
Azra-Melis Ok How was it for you to be in a costume?
Wish I Was Here Being in my furry costume was kind of amazing. I’ve definitely never had anything comparable. The costume actually worked to my advantage, because the feet were so clunky! It made me walk in a very awkward way and added to the scene!
Beth Bird You always do so much to help women be strong and have self-esteem, THANK YOU! Is that the reason you chose Oakley? Which message do you think they spread?
Wish I Was Here It’s so awesome to hear that I am making a positive impact! I am very lucky to be surrounded by strong, self confident women and I want to do whatever I can to be the same type of support system for others! Teaming up with Oakley on this journey has been incredible!
Ashley Greene Central | Fan page How it felt playing someone who is into Cosplay? Do you think you could do this in real life? And if yes, which character would you love to play?
Wish I Was Here Playing a character that participates in Cosplay was really fun, and very different than anything I have ever done! It was exciting getting to experience the creative freedom Janine felt during Comicon. If i had the talent for creating costumes the way Janine and Noah do, I would be much more inclined to test it out!
Wish I Was Here Thank you guys for all of your unique and fun questions! I had a blast  Hope you all love the film as much as I do!


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