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Last week I visited Ashley Greene on the set of her new film The Apparition. And while we can’t yet talk about her role in the film, we can share with you what Greene had to say about Eclipse, the next chapter in The Twilight Saga, and how the approach that’s being taken by director David Slade differs from that of New Moon director Chris Weiz. Hit the jump to find out what Greene told me.

I asked Greeene if Slade prepared the cast with a mission statement or syllabus, as Weitz had.

“He didn’t,” she said, “no. He definitely didn’t give us that. But we did sit down, each of the cast, and have, probably two or three times, hour-long conversations with him, going over the whole script, us highlighting anything that we wanted to talk about. So he went about it a different way, but he was also very open about forming some type of collaboration. The directors have their own visions, and they don’t want to change our characters, but their vision may be a little different. And obviously David Slade has a little darker spin than Chris Weitz may have had. So we kind of had to find a way to mold them together.”

I also asked Greene if, like much of the cast, she read Stephenie Meyer’s upcoming novella. “No, that I haven’t read,” she said.

Greene did, however, indicate that the action sequences she’s undertaken in the Twilight films have left her hungry to star in a full-on action movie…

“There’s so many things I haven’t done. I want to do everything I haven’t done yet… I’m kind of itching to do an action film. Because you do a movie and even if it’s not a comedy or not an action film, you get a little taste of it. And then I want to do it full force…”


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