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How did you get involved in hosting this Samsung event?

“Samsung sent me the Galaxy S III, and I saw everything that the phone could do. They asked me to host the event, and I was really excited about it! My mind was blown. It has Google technology and allows you to access everything from your computer on your phone. The event is also for a good cause. They donated $1.5 million dollars to the World Wildlife Fund, which is incredible. It’s always nice to mix a good cause with something that’s fun and exciting.”

Do you know what you’d like to wear on the red carpet for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres? As the face of DKNY Jeans, we often see you in Donna Karan.

“Yes, DKNY is so young and fun, and I have access to Donna Karan, who is such an amazing, incredible woman. To have someone send me sketches and allow me to collaborate and be a part of that process is very cool. We’ve scheduled some meetings, and we’re all going to bounce ideas back and forth. I told them that I want a lot of floor-length gowns on the red carpet because there are only certain events that you can wear them to. It’s all about femininity and glamour with Donna Karan.”

How does it feel to wrap up the Twilight series?

“It’s a mixture of emotions. It’s exciting that I get to move on and take this platform that Twilight gave me and jump off of it. Twilightis incredible, but it’s time-consuming. We shot for seven months last time. I think that after the premieres are over is when it’s really going to hit us. Talk to me in a few months and I’ll probably be sobbing.”

Congrats on getting cast in CBGB! It’s getting great buzz. Can you tell us about your role?

“I’m playing Lisa Kristal, Hilly’s Crystal’s daughter—he started CBGB [the famed New York music club]. I’m Skyping with Lisa on Sunday—she’s actually alive and a real person, and that’s a little intimidating. She gave me her signature of approval to play her, so that’s a good start. She’s a tough woman. She handled a lot of the finances and has this really tough-love relationship with father. I’m excited to be able to play a character that is so strong.”

You also have The Apparition coming out this summer!

“Yes, it’s coming out at the end of August. It’s my first studio lead. It’s about a couple being haunted by a paranormal presence. You see the trials and tribulations that the characters have under this kind of pressure. It’s definitely scary. I don’t know if I would see it if I wasn’t in it, but I’m excited to scare people!”

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