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Here is a new interview and photoshoot of Ashley for the March 2011 issue of Teen Vogue. Ashley looks fresh and stunning!

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It’s not easy being Greene. Or rather, as Ashley herself says, it isn’t always easy. Yes, the winsomely pretty 23-year-old has a supercute boyfriend (one Mr. Joe Jonas) and a sizable role in the ultrasuccessful Twilight series, but that doesn’t mean that life is a nonstop cakewalk for the actress. “There have definitely been low points,” she admits. “Moments when I sit in my hotel room and want to cry! It’s fun,” she says of her fast-paced profession, “but it’s a lot of pressure. If you’re tired or run-down or having a rough day or missing your friends and family, you can’t just call in sick.” Right. The show, as they say, must go on.

But Ashley seems energized and downright cheery on the day of her Teen Vogue interview, which is conducted over a breakfast of scrambled eggs and tofu at the Crosby Street Hotel in downtown New York City. She’s recently signed a lease on an apartment nearby—she has another in Los Angeles, to which she moved when she was just seventeen—and plans to spend the afternoon scouting couches with her father, a construction-company owner who’s flown in from her native Jacksonville, Florida, to help. “Bless his heart,” Ashley says. “He’s getting the electronics together for me right now because he knows the deals and I know nothing.”

The new place, Ashley says, boasts a number of advantages, and the relative proximity to her family is among them. But she seems equally thrilled about the chance to live and work in the city. “I’m very much a girl that likes to have options,” she explains. “That’s the way I am with fashion, and that’s the way I am with my life. In California, I do like to just chill out and go to the beach, but I love the energy here. I feel very productive when I’m in New York.”

And being productive, she says, is key to her current definition of happiness. “I’m a bit of a workaholic,” Ashley explains. Despite her earnest admission that success in Hollywood does have its downsides, she loves her job. “When I feel like I’m not doing something, it drives me insane,” she says. Part of the urgency seems to come from Ashley’s sense that she’s at a sort of magic moment in her career, on the cusp of the kind of megafame that her costar Kristen Stewart found with the release of the first Twilight film. “This industry never stops,” she says. “Right now I’m in this amazing place, and there are open doors. I think it would be foolish to take a month off. So many people would kill to be in my shoes that it’s just bad karma!”

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  1. i'mhere4ashley Said,

    Whoa! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this I knew she was gonna have a feature I didn’t know it was a cover shoot though. I’m so happy and proud of her I will definitely support and buy. I’m not really crazy about the shoot her face looks photo shopped but the thing I enjoyed the most from the shoot was the departure from the sex kitten pics. Just like her Elle shoot yes her hair was everywhere in her face but I was happy it wasn’t so smiley and girl next doorish. I also very much enjoyed the interview. I mean I really liked it I cant wait to buy it and read it again LOL they way she answered the Demi question was great she was like a pro I loved it. She is the bestestest :)

    The only thing I’d say has room for improvement would be her image. How she’s seen by the public and how she presents herself or at least her public persona. Like I cant pin point what she’s about example the Gotham mag feature in the interview she talked about being a role model for young girls but the picture that went with along the feature didn’t match they used a pic from her maxim shoot with her breast out looking very sexual. If there one person who she could get pointers from in terms of Image and public persona it would have to be Beyonce as someone who would like to work in the entertainment field when I graduate (not sure exactly what) I watch entertainers in all fields a lot. In reference to Beyonce she is a well oiled machine in that dept everything is calculated with her if you saw it it was because she wants you to see it. She burns it in you mind what she wants you to know about her and somehow she gets it to come across. So in the way i think Ash’s image can stand to be refined a little I mean ultimately its gonna be her TALENTS that take her where she needs to go but they don’t say image is everything for no reason. I mean just look at Rihanna she went from reggae artist to pop star overnight because of some blk hair dye, short cut, and a stylist now she’s going to be on the cover of Vogue. Look at k. Stew look at gaga everyone has an image.

    And not for nothing but I think the blonde hair/ highlight looked phenomenal on Ash it made her stand out the darker hair makes her blend in