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You know that special sort of morning-after agony? The kind where applying shampoo or fastening your bra gives you PTSD-style flashbacks of whatever workout it was that 24 hours earlier had you thinking, ‘Yep, this is going to hurt tomorrow’. Well, Ashley Greene feels your pain.

Yesterday was upper body day.??’I woke up this morning so sore,’ howls the 28-year-old actress. ‘I’m working with my trainer, Jason [Walsh], on improving my upper-body strength because for me, like a lot of women, it doesn’t come that easily. I still have a tough time with pull-ups, so I’m working on jumping and pulling my body up and pulling my knees to my chest. It’s really difficult for me. I’m determined to get better at it but my arms are sore!’

Evidently, Greene can deal with the Doms, though – it’s mid-morning in LA and she’s already kit-on, ready to head down to West Hollywood for a midday group session at Walsh’s studio, Rise Nation.

Not familiar with LA’s hottest new workout studio? It’s a mix intense cardio and floor work, a sort of Barry’s Bootcamp-style assault. But instead of treadmills think Versaclimbers. Arguably the toughest, all-body piece of equipment you can step on (and eventually flop off), Versaclimbers are never an option for the type of person who uses lactic acid as a get-out clause.

Handy then that Greene’s attitude goes a little more like this: ‘I kind of alternate between doing the Versa classes and strength training and I’m waiting for the day that I can do them both in one day!’ Seriously? ‘Yeah, I go with my buddy Joe, who’s really into fitness. The other day, he came to the Versaclimber class with me and told me that he’d already done a workout that morning. I was like, I’m jealous!’

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