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‘The Apparition’ Will Be ‘Scary As Hell’
“I’ve gone some different places that I didn’t think I could go, emotionally and physically,”

Ashley Talks ‘Skateland’ Vs. ‘Twilight’
“I think I learn something in any film I do … and it’s certainly, certainly different than anything ‘Twilight’-related,”

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Ashley Greene, last seen (and soon to be seen again) as Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga, gets her first starring role in the upcoming horror film The Apparition. The apparition in question is an evil force, unleashed by a university experiment, that haunts a young couple. Greene said the film will deliver the scares that have been missing from recent horror movies.

“With Apparition, they’re going back to doing elevated thriller,” Greene said in an exclusive interview on March 16 in Austin, Texas, where her film Skateland played at the South by Southwest film festival. “It’s not going to be that slash-gore movie. It’s that thing that just scares you to the core, and it’s terrifying.”

Still not convinced? Well, consider that in most horror movies you can yell at the screen “Don’t go in there” and the characters won’t listen to you. You might not be scared for people making bad decisions. Greene promises that her character in The Apparition makes the right choices but gets screwed anyway.

“The way that I can best explain it is that we do everything that a normal person would do,” Greene said. “Everyone is going to watch it and say, ‘Do this!’ And that’s what we’re going to do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve things, and we’re still having to deal with them. I think that’s the scariest part, is when you do everything that you should do and you still end up ruined.”

The film will also provide Greene a full character arc and juicy scenes to really show her stuff. “I think range-wise and emotionally and physically, it’s been extremely demanding,” Greene said. “I’ve done things that I didn’t know I could do, so I’m really proud of it. I’m really excited for everyone to see it.”

The Apparition, written and directed by Todd Lincoln, is due out this year from Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment and Warner Brothers Pictures.

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After getting her hair did earlier, Ashley Greene shows off her new longer extensions as she cools down with an iced coffee in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (March 20).

The 23-year-old actress spent a full day at a photo shoot. Ashley recently dished to MTV about comparing notes with The Apparition costar Tom Felton on their huge franchise followings.

Ashley shared, “We’re both not very familiar with each others’ films. I was never a huge Harry Potter watcher and I don’t think he’s watched Twilight, [but] we’re both very aware of the effect that they’ve had and how crazy it is.”

She did admit, though, “We did compare the difference between how big Harry Potter is in the UK versus how big Twilight is in the UK and LA and the difference between those two, because he can actually walk around in LA whereas I can’t, and it’s flipped anywhere in the Europe. I can walk around and nobody cares who I am, but he can’t step out his front door.”

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