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Public Appearances > 2011 > March 14 – At the New York City Press Junket for “Skateland”


We got to speak to Ashley Greene at New York’s Regency Hotel recently. She was in town to plug her new film Skateland, which is set in a small town in Texas circa the early 1980s, and all the kids’ extracurricular activities there seem to focus around a roller skating rink. It’s a coming of age film with romantic storyline thrown in, but we won’t gibe it away. It’s a film that any teen can identify that way–and the director Anthony Burns wanted it that way! Go see it when it opens on May 13 (for more info, go to!
In Part One of our interview, we mainly talk to Ashley about Skateland, including the cool 80s soundtrack and the retro clothes and hairstyles she had to wear–but we talk about Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, other upcoming projects and her prom dress charity in Part 2 of our exclusive interview!
Q: Does it feel like a long time since this movie has supposed to have been out? Are you excited about it?
AG: I am excited about it, yeah. It has been a long time coming, but I’m very excited that it’s finally coming out. I didn’t get to go to Sundance. I was bummed. But, yeah, of course I’m really excited about anything that happens with it. It was a passion film for all of us, and so to see anything happen is very exciting.
Q: What was it about the script that really attracted you to it?
AG: I think that we’ve all gone through having to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood and we’ve all kind of gone through loss and love and hurt and kind of having to grow up and let go of the past and adapt to the future. So it was kind of something that instantly related to and Michelle Burkham in particular is a very…she’s a really strong character. She still has vulnerability to her and relatability, but she’s very strong, very level headed and kind of a go getter, a no nonsense character. As a female that’s something that really attracted me.
Q: How close are you to that?
AG: Pretty close. I’m actually pretty close to her.
Q: Now you grew up in Jacksonville, Florida?
AG: Yes.
Q: So, was Clark or Orange county, Florida similar to East Texas in terms of growing up?
AG: I definitely went to roller skating and ice skating rinks. Jacksonville, it keeps growing, but growing up there was a little southern, a little redneck. It had kind of a small town mentality. So I could definitely relate to it. I wouldn’t say that it was exactly as small as what we were dealing with in Skateland, but there was a little bit of relatability, I guess.
Q: How did you like all the ’80’s details in the film, particular your hair and costumes?
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