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Ashley looks absolutely incredible. Be sure to check them out and read the interview!

The success of Twilight may have transformed Ashley Greene’s life and career, but now she’s ready for something new. Mikael Wood interviews the 25-year-old actress about her latest projects, including the ghostly thriller The Apparition.

On trying to de-stress before auditions. I got [to my casting], and there were cameras all around me. Everyone’s so obsessed with celebrity, I think more than ever before. It’s the instant gratification of it — the tabloids an the Internet and the camera phones. We’re just so infatuated with it that basically everyone is a stalker. I was like, “Just let me do my damn job!”

On believing in ghosts (or not): That was one of the more difficult aspects [while filming haunted house thriller The Apparition], because I try to make everything as realistic as possible; I want to experience what the character is experiencing. So to make myself believe there was something after me…it was a dark time.

On keeping her waitressing gig after booking Twilight: I was working at the Belmont Cafe in L.A., got the call, and two weeks later was rehearsing. Right when I was cast, my IMDb STARmeter [a chart that tracks actors based on how many searches are done on them] went through the roof — all of ours did, and we hadn’t even done anything yet!. I asked my boss if I could have my job back after the shoot. He was like, “I don’t think you’ll need it but OK.”

On drawing from life experience for characters: 
Growing up, I didn’t have a hard life. Luckily, people are not the greatest in L.A., so once I got here and my heart was broken and people stabbed me in the back, I could use that to feel vulnerable.

On being typecast post-Twilight: It’s not like, ‘Oh, you’re the quirky best friend-slash-sister’. There’s no stereotype with Alice. And she doesn’t really look anything like me, with the pixie cut and the white makeup. So to be put in a box, I’d kind of have to do it myself. And I’m not going to do that.

On the struggle she underwent while trying to make it big in Tinseltown:
“I realized if I really wanted to start booking jobs, there was no half-a**ing it. I had to devote everything to it and so I did. Directors liked me but didn’t think I could be the lead in a movie because they had no idea who I was. So they’d put me in smaller roles. And then Twilight happened. I was working at the Belmont Cafe in LA, got the call, and two weeks later was rehearsing. Right when I was cast, my IMDb STARmeter went through the roof- all of ours did, and we hadn’t even done anything yet! Now I have to remind myself that not everything is going to be like that.”

On reaching the end of her ‘Twilight’ days:
“I’m excited to move on to the next thing and take advantage of all the opportunities we’ve been given. But at the same time, it’s kind of weird- we’ve been doing this for four years.”

Director Bill Condon on Miss Greene:
“The movies always reveal something innate in someone, and with Ashley I think it’s a strong sense of sweetness and openness. From the time I met her, she’s seemed older than her years, with a self-possession and a poise that reminds you of actors of a different generation.”

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