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I guess making my first set visit for Arrow in the Head on April 1st was quite apposite. After all, your boy here is a fool, and it turned out to be a hell of a day. Poetic f*ckin’ justice!

It was a Thursday, the start of a 3-day Easter weekend. The sun did its best to poke through the dense patina of L.A. smog, not uncommonly, and in the hours leading up to my set-call all I think about was what a privilege it would be to get to witness firsthand what goes down on the set of a major Warner Brothers release. A horror release, no less. Needless to say, I was giddier than a sexless pre-tween TWILIGHT fan, in all their glitterati, say, at an R-Patz signing. F*ckin’ amped!

So what’s the film in question, you may ask. Nothing less than a awesome sounding haunted house flick called THE APPARITION, written and directed by first-time filmmaker Todd Lincoln. The movie stars Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan as a young couple who become increasingly tormented by a supernatural presence in their home after a college experiment goes terribly awry. Tom Felton, Julianna Guill, Rick Gomez, Luke Pasqualino, Suzanne Ford, Anna Clark, Andrea Harrison, Meena Serendib and Aidee Salgado also play a part in the film, a Dark Castle Production.

After witnessing a few takes, both through the window and from a pair of playback monitors, star Ashley Greene was more than kind enough to give me a few minutes out of her hectic schedule. You see, it’s getting late in the night and Ashley has one final scene to film before shooting wraps and the cast and crew break for a three day weekend. No doubt exhausted (still breathtaking though), Ms. Greene could not have been more of a sweetheart. She was funny, smart, affable, completely accommodating of my questions (even the more impish ones), and way more down to Earth than you’d think a fast-rising star of her caliber might be. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Greene again, her presence and attitude did nothing short of floor me! Here’s a recap of our brief conversation:

So what drew you to your character in The Apparition?

In this type of film you don’t generally find this kind of character because Kelly’s a really driven, strong willed, kind of sound and sarcastic, very proactive character. But she still has the…she’s really likeable, really fun, very much a level headed character. So she kind f encompasses that everyday girl and that girl that every guy I think is looking for. So it’s a very nice balance, I think.

And what drew you to the script? Was it the character or was it something else?

Read the full interview here

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