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Posted By Maria    March 14th, 2011    1 Comments
  1. I'mhere4Ashlesy Said,

    Ash looks really nice at the sirusFM station and I love what dress is doing for her figure paying up her hips but I really would like to see her try something different to her hair. I’d really like her to lighten her hair I mean I’ll admit it’s rich and make her hair look full and healthy but outside of that it does nothing for her. She should do something drastic like cutting her hair into a pixie cut a la Keira Knightley, Gennifer Goodwin, or Victoria Beckham and lighten her hair like a honey brown with dark roots nothing too light i know she prefers darker hair. She has such a beautiful face the long hair kinda hides it the short hair would play it up more. Short hair is sexy and i think it’d looks great on her and she has the face for it.

    She could also stand to switch it up on the fashion tip her look as of late has been very basic. I’m not trying to say she has to walk out the house every day “beat” and dressed to the nines like she’s a Kardashian because thats tiring and unrealistic and I’m sure she would hate. But she can stand to be more adventurous and edgy fashion is so fun nowadays but her looks are very boring and matronly even somestimes. her best looks were the KCA 2010 and VMA 2010 young and hot but still classy.

    This could also seperate her from her twlight cast and see her as he own person I mean she and Stewy have the same hiar style and color even its weird to be honest. She needs to seperate herself dont afraid to be great.

    did i say too much LOL