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Earlier this week, SnitchSeeker sat down with Todd Lincoln, director of the upcoming supernatural thriller The Apparition, and actress Ashley Greene, who stars in the film alongside Tom Felton, at the press junket for the film, which opens this Friday, Aug. 24, in the U.S. We asked both of them what they thought of Tom.

Todd Lincoln: His audition was a very bold, effortless, iconic kind of audition. He was great with a lot of the technical terms and on his own he was interested in the paranormal. He watched all these ghost hunter shows and he loves this stuff. And I’d seen him grow as an actor and a person in the Harry Potter films, and he wanted to do something very different and I thought it was cool, this idea of a younger savvier guy being more the leader/expert character with this experiment in this film instead of doing the typical, “Okay, here’s the older character actor that you’re going to bring in and pay a lot of money to for two days.” It just seemed like a fresher choice.

How was it working with Tom Felton, since he’s Harry Potter and you’re Twilight?
Ashley Greene:
 Oh, he’s so sweet. He’s really lovely and it was great. I think he’s a really fantastic actor. He was just very fun to be around. It’s an interesting thing whenever you come from two franchises like that. We chatted a little bit about the madness of it all … lots of screaming people. And just the intensity of it all, the kind of zero to sixty of it was what we talked about. Coming from not really doing much and then becoming a part of a book series and then it just exploding and becoming this snowball effect. And chatted about how you become family with these people.

We also spoke to Greene about working with Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman this summer on the set of CBGB. Greene plays Lisa Kristal, daughter of punk rock club owner Hilly Kristal, who is played by Rickman.

Ashley Greene: [There was] this emotional tug of war between Hilly and Lisa because she was moreso the adult in the relationship, and that’s always hard whenever you’re the adult over your father. She was more business-oriented and Hilly was brilliantly musically inclined, but had a distaste for anything business-related – which you can’t really run a business without having some kind of business manager so she had to take over that role. It was really interesting and fun being able to work with Alan and find that delicate balance … because they love each other. The reason they butt heads all the time is because they are so passionate and they do care about each other, but they also are extremely alike in some ways and frustrate each other. That was fun to be able to work with someone like Alan and create this push and pull.

How was it working with Alan?
Ashley Greene:
 Amazing. You know, I was a little intimidated at first because I didn’t know quite how he was going to be – I admire him, I think he’s a fantastic actor – but it was great. He’s really fun. He definitely gives a lot to his fellow actors, which is great. If I was thinking about something he would give me tips. It was really great.

Did you have any scenes with Rupert Grint in CBGB?
Ashley Greene:
 I didn’t. I met him … I think I’ve met everyone from Harry Potter (laughs). I didn’t have any scenes with him but I met him and he was very, very sweet. I think when he smiles he lights up a room. I was like, “You’re so nice.” They’re all so nice from Harry Potter.


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