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When Twilight actress Ashley Greene moved to Los Angeles at age 17, she worked in restaurants to pay her rent. Now brands like Mark are signing her for big-time contracts, and People magazine has dubbed her one of the year’s most beautiful people; all the while, directors are lining up to cast her.

Greene recently wrapped up work on Butter, the tale of a Midwestern woman (played by Jennifer Garner) trying to win a local butter-carving contest. “It was the first comedy I’ve ever done, so I was equally terrified and excited,” says Greene. “Plus I was working with Jennifer Garner, who I could just sit and watch all day long.”

Garner is the kind of actress that Greene wants to emulate: one who straddles action and comedy in her professional life and maintain a grounded personal life at least somewhat out of the public eye. As for her own celebrity status, Greene understands it’s something that has to be taken seriously in a world where girls want to emulate the young women they see on the big screen. “I definitely try to be a positive role model,” she says. “Right now my fans seem to be growing with me. I want my fans to know that Twilight has given me an incredible opportunity, but this is all still new and exciting for me.”


Posted By Maria    November 16th, 2010    1 Comments
  1. i'mhere4ashley Said,

    This is great and so kewl! I’m so happy for Ash! So funny because I was thinking she needed to do an interview or spread for EW actually. With LOL, The apparition, Butter, and breaking dawn all coming out in 2011 this could be a breakout good year for her. I’d love for her to do an interview where we get to know her because honestly outside of twilight the general public is not familiar with her as an actress three of these movies have nothing to do with twilight that’s an opportunity to carve a little niche for herself starting a fans base.

    I’d Love to have an interview where she opened up about her acting career and show how passionate she is about it. To be honest right now it feels like she kinda just lucked up and got on a hot franchise and just riding it until the wheels fall off. I want her to talk about the kinda of career she hopes to have and the kind of films she’d like to do in the future. Ive heard her speak of Audrey Hepburn, Charlize Theron, Jennifer garner, Meryl Streep, and Johnny Depp so far and that’s great they’re all great actors but what about them does she like and why? What makes them great actors in her opinion? What kind of films speak to her? Would she like to work behind the lens one day as a director would she ever fund a project she was passionate about out her own pocket? What does she do to improve her craft? I know there were some pics once of her with her acting coach once before does she still meet with a coach to improve? I know she’s with Joe at the moment a lot but she also needs to focus on her career as well boys are ALWAYS there. I’d hate to see her become just Joe Jonas’ girl or worse off ex or twilight star I want her to grow beyond those things.

    But just as a fan of the talented Ms.Greene I cant wait to see her in all these other films to see her outside of Alice Cullen. I also can wait for her to start doing roles that will allow her to stretch her acting muscle and show’s not just a pretty face relying on her looks and semi popularity to get roles but on her actual talents. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see skateland. I would love to see Ash in a movie like Girl interrupted playing Winona Ryders character. I just feel like she has soooo much potential and I hope she realizes it and works hard to realize it too