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I’m sure everyone knows what happened, yesterday, at Ashley’s condo and for her loss. If you have no idea what we are talking about read here.

So, for this tragedy that Ashley’s going through Salt Lake City Twilight Fans started a fundraising project for homeless animals. Read below or check their facebook page for more information.

We are unaware if it is Marlo or Theo that has past but we would like to set up a fund & donate to homeless animals in their name. If you’d like to help send your donation to via Paypal and we will make the donation April 1st.


This is really devastating and we can’t imagine what Ashley is going through right now, losing your home and your little friend with this horrible way.  We want to send our condolences and our thoughts and prayers are with her. Stay Strong Ashley. We love you!.

Edit: Here is a sweet video by Holly a big fan of Ashley so, be sure to check it out.

Posted By Maria    March 23rd, 2013    2 Comments
  1. Sandra Said,

    It’s so terrible what happened to her.. :/ I wish her only the best!

  2. Den Said,

    I was so beyond shocked and devastated when I read that yesterday. I couldnt believe, thought this was some kind of sick joke at first because thats the kind of stuff thats so terrible you cant believe it happened.

    I cant even imagine how much pain Ashley must be in right now and I want the power to fix it and make it better for her but I cant and feel so helpless about it (I am sure most Ashley fans who love her as much as I do know what I mean)

    The only good thing here is that Ashley herself and the people inside made it out okay and one of the dogs was at least saved. Right now thats the only comfort we and Ashley have but a little is always better than nothing. As terrible as this is this could have been even worse.

    That being said the whole thing is still a huge shock. Obviously for Ashley it must be an avalanche of shock and pain right now but also for me personally. I love her very much, she gives me a light in life and she is also my inspiration to be a better man. Therefore this isnt something that I am sad about for a day and than its business as usual. Like everyone who really loves her I am very affected by this. All we (fans, family, friends) can do right now is stand by her and give her strength, love and support. And thats what I am going to do.

    May her little friend rest in piece and may she have all the love and strength in life necessary to get through this.

    Always loving and supporting you, Ashley.

    My heart and prayers are with you.