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Posted By Maria    January 27th, 2017    Comments Off on [Video/Photos] Ashley is Starring in Holy Ground by Banners

Ashley is starring in the new dramatic music video for Banners new song Holy Ground. You can watch the video below and you can also read Ashley’s interview at The Huffing Post. Screencaptures and a behind-the-scenes picture from the video have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Other Projects > Music Video: Holy Ground By Banners > Production Stills

How did this dream collaboration come together? “Honestly, I heard of BANNERS from the soundtrack for ‘The Royals.’ The Royals is kind of my guilty pleasure,” Greene laughed. She continued, “One of my girlfriends ended up meeting him. Somehow or another, I had a barbecue and he was there. He was talking about all of his songs and we kind of got into a conversation about music videos.”

Greene said that the sound BANNERS creates reminds her of a very specific William Shakespeare play. “I felt this connection to his music. It was deep and romantic. His music, it sounds weird to say—kind of reminds me of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ There was this push and pull,” she elaborated.

It was a no-brainer for Greene to sign on to this special project. “When BANNERS asked me if I was interested in being in a video, I said, ‘I’m so down.’ We got into concepts. At the time I was filming ‘Antiquities.’ It was about the loss of someone and the denial that my character Ellie was in. Andrew West was my co-star in both the music video and the film,” Greene said. The actress explained, “The music video and the song captures the essence of this beautiful and holy place where these two people find themselves. What we were trying to achieve throughout the video was this person, who essentially loses her other half, not wanting to let go. She had to go through the hard crash of reality that the person she loved is gone. She had to let him go to move on.”

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Posted By Maria    January 12th, 2015    Comments Off on Sticky: Ashley Greene’s Birthday Project


Hey everyone,

For another year we are running a project for Ashley’s 28th birthday on February 21st. This year you can submit pictures, videos, text and whatever else you want.

The page runs on tumblr and you can send us your wishes by clicking the ‘Submit’ button on the menu. All the messages must get approved first before they get posted.

Help us to spread the word on twitter and instagram using #HappyBdayAshleyGreene.

Deadline: February 20th, 2015.

Join the project HERE.

Posted By Maria    June 25th, 2012    Comments Off on Ashley Greene Video Project!

Mini Alice Cullen is making a fan video of Ashley and she needs as many fans as possible to participate. More information below:

Hey guys!
So this is the plan.

I want to make a video for Ashley to show her we always support her, but to also thank her for everything she’s done for us. For me, she’s absolutely changed my life. I love her to bits, she’s given me confidence and I know she’s done the same for so many.

That’s where you guys come in.

I want you Ashers to get involved with this to make it AMAZING and so special for her.

What you can do:

– Make a video message for Ashley, saying how she’s affected you or how much she means to you. (Don’t make it too long, aim for about 20 seconds, but I’ll give some leeway. Please, don’t use your video to ask her to visit your country, or to follow you on Twitter. Anything like that I will not allow in the video)
– If you’d prefer, send me a picture of yourself, either holding a sign for Ashley or give me a message with the photo that I can put on the video.
– Any fan art you’d like her to see, drawings, anything.
– With all submissions I’d like you to provide your name and/or Twitter name.

If you have any other suggestions for the video, please do let me know! I want this to be epic :D

Please help give this project as much awareness as possible!
– I will send the link to this page to as many Ashers on Twitter I can. If I give you this link, it would be great if you sent this on to as many people as you like, that you think would be interested in taking part :)
– Once I have completed and uploaded the video, we want Ashley to see it, right?! I will distribute the link to the video, and I’m counting on you guys to help try and get Ashley to watch it! :) But please, for Ashley’s own sanity, don’t send duplicate tweets. That’s spam.
– It would be amazing if we could get some of Ashley’s friends involved, BUT please don’t pester them, especially if they say no. The last thing I want is to piss them off!

Please send me your submissions by Twitter (@MiniAliceGreene) or by my email:

Visit her blog here