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Posted By Maria    March 26th, 2010    Comments Off on Ashley Greene Explains Why She Doesn’t Skate In ‘Skateland’

I’m a little bit accident-prone,’ the ‘Twilight’ actress confesses. Even if “Skateland,” the Anthony Burns-directed drama starring “Twilight” actress Ashley Greene, isn’t entirely about skating, it’s a sure bet that you will see certain actors skating over the course of the movie. Just don’t expect to see Greene, who plays leading lady Michelle Burkham, strap any wheels on her feet.

“I don’t [skate] actually, which is probably a good thing,” she confessed to MTV News at South by Southwest. “I used to rollerblade, but the four-wheel roller-skate thing is a whole different experience.”

According to the actress, Greene wasn’t unwilling to skate in the film, but her early experiences as a clumsy child made her nervous to get into the rink.

“I’m pretty coordinated, but I’m a little terrified of falling and breaking things,” she said. “I was a pretty clumsy child, so I’m always very aware that I’m a little bit accident-prone. But I wouldn’t have minded jumping on some skates.”

Although skating was off the table, Greene was able to fully embrace another important aspect of “Skateland” — the 1980s setting. Born in 1987, Greene admitted to having a limited connection to the decade, but filming “Skateland” opened her eyes to the time period.

“It was actually really fun,” she said. “I didn’t really get to experience the ’80s except as a 1-year-old, so it was really cool to be able to go back and learn a lot about it. And the music — Michelle, my character, is really into bands like the Smiths and the Cure and stuff like that, so I actually did get to learn a lot while doing this.”

Posted By Maria    March 25th, 2010    Comments Off on Ashley Greene’s 80s Teen Drama ‘Skateland’ Generates Buzz At SXSW

Austin might have been the only town where Ashley Greene could go and people were not interested in Twilight. Her film Skateland played at the South by Southwest film festival, where audiences were more captivated by indie film than vampire romances. When Skateland finally gets picked up for distribution, Greene’s Twilight fans will see a whole new side of her.

“Obviously, a lot of teens are familiar with Alice Cullen,” Greene said on the red carpet outside the Paramount Theater in Austin. “So you get to see that perky kind of girl next door best friend character. In Skateland, initially I was drawn to the fact that Michelle Burkham was this charismatic girl and she’s the girl next door but she has an edge. You see a lot of vulnerability but you see a lot of strength, so she kind of encompassed a lot of the qualities that I wanted to showcase.”

Set in the ‘80s, Skateland is still about teen angst. This time she’s the angsty teen instead of a hundred-years old vampire. “I definitely think for Twilight, we have a majority of the teen angsty fans but my goal right now is to definitely branch out and to reach out to everyone,” Greene said. “As an actor I want to affect people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a teenager.”

The film also stars Shiloh Fernandez in what might be a breakout starring role, if the festival buzz is any indication. Perhaps Fernandez would rather the world didn’t discover him with floppy ‘80s hair.

“Oh my God, did you see this poster?” Fernandez lamented. “It’s the worst haircut, and it looks good on the poster. No, I don’t cut my hair unless I do a movie of some sort. It’s just long.”

The slice of life drama reminds viewers what life was like in the ‘80s. Co-star Taylor Handley thinks the simple differences will surprise people. “I remember before the technical age,” Handley said. “Before everybody was calling on cell phones, we were knocking each other’s doors. That was a cool thing to bring back in this movie. Calling on the home phone.”

Fernandez shared a similarly optimistic perspective on the ‘80s. “I’m fond about the ‘80s because it gave me life,” he said. “I was born in ’85. I look back fondly on everything that’s brought us to where we are today. Things have been crazy and things have been cool, but everything brings us to where we are today so of course I look back fondly on it.”

Look for Skateland to continue on the festival circuit this year.

Posted By Maria    March 22nd, 2010    Comments Off on Ashley swears The Apparition will terrify you

Ashley Greene, last seen (and soon to be seen again) as Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga, gets her first starring role in the upcoming horror film The Apparition. The apparition in question is an evil force, unleashed by a university experiment, that haunts a young couple. Greene said the film will deliver the scares that have been missing from recent horror movies.

“With Apparition, they’re going back to doing elevated thriller,” Greene said in an exclusive interview on March 16 in Austin, Texas, where her film Skateland played at the South by Southwest film festival. “It’s not going to be that slash-gore movie. It’s that thing that just scares you to the core, and it’s terrifying.”

Still not convinced? Well, consider that in most horror movies you can yell at the screen “Don’t go in there” and the characters won’t listen to you. You might not be scared for people making bad decisions. Greene promises that her character in The Apparition makes the right choices but gets screwed anyway.

“The way that I can best explain it is that we do everything that a normal person would do,” Greene said. “Everyone is going to watch it and say, ‘Do this!’ And that’s what we’re going to do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve things, and we’re still having to deal with them. I think that’s the scariest part, is when you do everything that you should do and you still end up ruined.”

The film will also provide Greene a full character arc and juicy scenes to really show her stuff. “I think range-wise and emotionally and physically, it’s been extremely demanding,” Greene said. “I’ve done things that I didn’t know I could do, so I’m really proud of it. I’m really excited for everyone to see it.”

The Apparition, written and directed by Todd Lincoln, is due out this year from Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment and Warner Brothers Pictures.

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Posted By Maria    March 20th, 2010    Comments Off on The Kick-Ass Ladies of SXSW: Ashley Greene

With so many female-driven films and strong roles at this year’s fest, and in the spirit of the opening night film, we’ll be profiling some of the most kick-ass females representing at SXSW this week. Next up: Skateland star Ashley Greene.

Like many of her cast mates, 23-year-old actress Ashley Greene has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity thanks to her involvement in the Twilight films, in which she plays the cheery, pixie-like vampire Alice Cullen. And, like many of her co-stars, Greene has taken advantage of her newfound celebrity to pursue non-Twilight projects between filming on New Moon, Eclipse, and the planned franchise finale, Breaking Dawn. One of those projects was Skateland, a Texas-set coming-of-age drama set at the beginning of the ’80s, in which Greene plays the best friend to actor Shiloh Fernandez’s lost protagonist, Ritchie Wheeler.

For Greene, the role of Michelle was a chance to stretch as an actor, to exercise muscles she hadn’t been given the chance to explore in her pre-Twilight days. Fans who have only seen Greene as Bella Swan’s perky BFF should enjoy watching her take the lead in Skateland, in which she’s asked to riff with her male co-stars, express subtle emotional beats, and play out a tender love scene with Fernandez.

Cinematical spoke with Greene in Austin, where she was attending the SXSW premiere of Skateland.

Cinematical: Tell us about your character and how you became involved in Skateland.

Ashley Greene: I play a character named Michelle Burkham. You start out seeing her as a girl-next-door character, but as you watch the film you learn she has an edge to her. And that’s what I really liked about her; she does have vulnerability and she’s compassionate, but she’s got a sass about her and she’s a very strong character. Those are the qualities that drew me in about her. Throughout the film you see her as the best friend of Ritchie Wheeler, who the story centers on, and she becomes a love interest. She’s the one that’s there pushing him, saying ‘You can be more,’ and making him understand that he needs to believe in himself. And when Skateland closes, everyone’s thrown into turmoil and forced to reevaluate themselves and Texas and their situations, and she’s definitely one of them. She’s one of the go-getters in the film, and I really liked that.

Cinematical: Skateland is set in a roller skating community in the ’80s. How did you get into the vibe of that particular time and place?

Ashley Greene: I spoke to my mother a lot; I look so much like my mother in this, it’s crazy. It was really fun. I definitely talked to her and asked her about it, because I was born in the later part of the ’80s so I missed out on it. She was into the roller skating thing a little bit. But you know, my character doesn’t really get to roller skate as much, that’s more a Ritchie Wheeler-Shiloh Fernandez kind of thing, but it was fun to observe and be around. The thing about the character is, once you have the rollers in your hair and you have the hair and make-up on and the clothes, it really puts you in that place and you get to live in the ’80s for a short period of time.

Cinematical: At what point between Twilight films did you make Skateland?

Ashley Greene: I made it directly after Twilight. After Twilight, I came right back to auditioning. Actually, Aquila/Wood Casting did Twilight and they cast me in this, so they were like my cheerleaders rooting for me.

Cinematical: You’ve also been working on a few additional films, outside of the Twilight world. What sort of projects were you looking for to do between films?

Ashley Greene: I adore Alice Cullen and doing Twilight, but because there are so many of these films you definitely want to give a taste of something else in between so [fans] still see you as Ashley Greene and not Alice Cullen. And so, during the breaks, that’s what I was looking to do. Because Twilight keeps gaining more and more attention, and it’s doing so well and we have this incredible fan base that doesn’t stop, with each film that comes out I get more opportunities to pick and choose, which is really nice. Now I’m focused on showcasing what I can do and building longevity.

Cinematical: Tell us about The Apparition, your next foray into horror.

Ashley Greene: The Apparition is something I’m currently filming. We just got back from Germany this week, we were there for about two months filming at Babelsberg Studio and we start filming again in about a week in Los Angeles. The film actually takes place in L.A. which is the funny thing about this business, because we went to Germany to shoot it, we came back to shoot exteriors. It’s a psychological thriller that centers around these two characters, Kelly and Ben, who are played by myself and Sebastian Stan. We play a couple who are haunted by a supernatural force and we have to figure out what this thing wants. I definitely learned a lot of things about myself while filming this… I read the script and loved it. I’m so passionate about this project and my producers and director and co-star, I’ve gone places as an actor I didn’t know I could go. So I’m really excited for this one to come out.

Cinematical: What kind of scary places did you find yourself in during your performance?

Ashley Greene: I was terrified, and as far as just being vulnerable and sad and hurt, and strong… it’s not a horror film; we want it to be elevated and scary along the lines of Poltergeist, so I definitely didn’t want Kelly to be one of those scared, dumb girls in a horror movie. So we all worked together, it’s been a huge collaboration in making these characters really smart.

Cinematical: There seems to be an emerging trend in horror films of filmmakers shying away from the so-called “torture porn” subgenre and towards what’s called elevated horror.

Ashley Greene: Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing. I look at a movie like The Strangers, and the scariest part about that movie is that these people do everything that you would have done and that you wanted them to do, and yet things still start happening. That’s definitely along the lines of what we want to do, because that’s the frightening part about it.

Cinematical: There is a sense that one of the easier ways for young actresses to make a name is to appear in mainstream horror films; is that something you’ve been mindful of, or are able to choose not to do because of the clout the Twilight films have given you?

Ashley Greene: Absolutely. I’m looking at The Apparation thinking, okay, this is a horror film; do I really want to go down that path? Because even though Twilight is certainly not a horror film, it is labeled a “vampire” film and it could be mistaken as such. So when I looked at this film, we had to read through it, and I spoke with the director and producers to see exactly how they wanted to go about the film. The fact that it’s as far away from that mainstream horror film as you can get kind of relaxed me, because I wanted to be a part of it but I didn’t want to be in a horror film, so it worked out. But yes, I certainly think Twilight has given me a lot of opportunities and it’s put me in a position and enabled me to be able to say, no, I don’t want to do that film, and I’m not going to do that, and I am going to do this. I’m in a very good position.

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Ashley Greene spent the early part of the week in Austin, partying it up at the South By Southwest (SXSW) film festival to debut her new film, “Skateland.” She took the time to chat with MTV News and explain the film for those of us at home who think it’s only about rollerskating.

“It’s set in Texas in the 1980s and it’s basically a coming-of-age story of Ritchie Wheeler, who Shiloh Fernandez plays, but also my character, Michelle Burkham, and my brother Brent [played by Heath Freeman],” she explained. “There’s a place called Skateland that closes and it’s something that we all go to and we all kind of relate to and see ourselves around and we’re used to having this and it’s kind of ripped away and so it kind of jumpstarts us realizing that there’s a lot of things we have to figure out.”

She adds, “It follows us through all the trials and errors of becoming an adult and figuring out who you are and what you want. You see love and you see loss and everything in between.”

It seems to remind us of another “Land” movie about coming-of-age which came out in the summer of last year starring another young “Twilight” star. We’re sure “Skateland” will earn plenty of comparisons to “Adventureland” and Ashley to Kristen Stewart in the coming months (even their hair looks the same!) though they are entirely different movies.

However, when Ashley watches “Skateland,” she sees something no viewer is likely to connect — she compares herself to another young woman.

“Everytime I look at [‘Skateland’], what I notice the most is how much I look like my mom,” Ashley admitted. “Because, you know, it’s set in the 80s and so I’ve got pictures of her and my dad from the 80s and it’s kind of creepy how much we look alike.”


Posted By Maria    March 17th, 2010    Comments Off on Ashley Greene on ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ and Bullying Taylor Lautner

Ashley Greene is considered one of the sweetest stars of Twilight, both onscreen and off. But as she told FEARnet this week in Austin, you might see a tougher side of Alice Cullen emerge in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

On a break from shooting the psychological thriller The Apparition and in town to promote her SXSW festival film Skateland, Greene revealed that she had watched scenes from the June 30 Twilight sequel Eclipse just days ago in a post-production session with director David Slade. And while she couldn’t reveal specifics, she did describe her fight scenes as “down and dirty” and discussed her adversarial onscreen relationship with co-star Taylor Lautner. Check out what she had to say after the jump.

In comparison to both Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon, fans don’t really know much about what to expect in the film adaptation of the third novel – in that there were so many sneak peeks and trailers for the first two films, but not a whole lot for Eclipse.

Keep ’em wanting more!

Have you been given the chance to see any part of Eclipse yet?

I just did ADR a couple of days ago, actually, so I got to see some of the film. I was with [director] David Slade, and when I was doing ADR, I of course asked if I could see the whole scene played out so I could see something! It looks so good. I’m so excited.

You got to tear off a vampire’s head in Twilight and face off with the Volturi in New Moon. What can you tell us about the things you get to do in Eclipse, which we know from the book will have more of a fighting element?

The thing I’ll say about Twilight is, one, it’s given me this Hollywood crash course and I’ve been able to work with three great directors. And also, my character is an incredible character to break out with because she’s perky and happy and sweet, and she’s this best friend character that everybody loves, so it’s an amazing first character to have. Throughout the series you’ve gotten to see her go from really sweet to kind of sassy, and now in the third one we get to showcase this massive fight sequence that I’m a part of, so we got to get our action star fix. You get to see Alice get kind of down and dirty and see a really intense side of her that maybe you haven’t seen before.

In New Moon your scenes with Taylor seemed to have more of a snap, perhaps because you’d gotten to know each other better after Twilight and could riff of each other more, and also because your characters would love to rip each other’s head off in their scenes together. Do we get to see more of that banter and repartee with Taylor in Eclipse?

Those scenes are really fun to film! You know, they always say that the nicest people can play the meanest characters. I remember someone saying in an interview that Rachel McAdams was the sweetest girl, and she played this awful, mean character in Mean Girls. I think it’s the same thing with Taylor. He’s so sweet, I can look at him and be mean to him onscreen or have a fight with him and know that he’s not going to take it personally, so we definitely got to play off each other a little bit.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is in theaters June 30. Stay tuned for Twilight updates here on FEARnet!

Posted By Maria    March 17th, 2010    Comments Off on Ashley Recalls Meeting Lady Gaga

While Kristen Stewart thinks Lady Gaga is hot, her “Twilight” co-star Ashley Greene is an über-fan of the pop superstar. So when Greene spotted Gaga out at a bar one night, she had to meet her.

“Oh my God! Yes! I was out with some friends when I first got back to L.A. the other night, and someone came up to me, and they were one of the owners of [L.A. hotpot] Trousdale,” she told MTV News at South by Southwest while promoting her upcoming movie “Skateland.” “I go, ‘Really, well, Lady Gaga’s over there. Can you make it happen?’

“He walks back and goes, ‘Yeah, she’d love to meet you.’ And I was freaking out,” she continued. “There’s not too many people I get starstruck by, but I think she’s such an incredible woman, and everything she touches turns to gold. So, I was starstruck.”

As it turned out, Gaga was also familiar with Greene’s. “I said, ‘Oh my God, thanks so much for letting me [meet you],’ ” she said. “She actually said to me, ‘I wanted to meet you, and I know who you are.’ Maybe we have a ‘Twilight’ fan on our hands!”

So how did Greene feel about Gaga’s “Telephone” video? “It’s incredible!” she raved. “It’s a mini-movie. It’s ridiculous how they did that video.”