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Here is Ashley’s twitterview, I’ll update the post as she answers new questions. Enjoy and Stay Tuned!!

RT @BMcAllistercKy: Do you personally believe in the paranormal and if so, any personal ghost stories? #AskAshleyGreene#THEAPPARITION

I try not to think too in depth about all of that stuff… but I definitely don’t rule it out.


RT @AnnalisaJukebox@AshleyMGreene#AskAshleyGreene What did you like the most filming The Apparition? :)

Exploring different emotions and situations. I’d never done a film this dark. It was definitely a challenge and I’m proud that I did it.


RT @BethanyCullen_#AskAshleyGreene@AshleyMGreene what’s your biggest fear ?

The unknown.


RT @GabbyMcleod#AskAshleyGreene what was your favorite part of being in twilight?

Being able to portray a character that I loved so much and having the support of all the amazing fans :)


RT @MiniAliceGreene#AskAshleyGreene@AshleyMGreene would you ever want to create your own fashion line? That would be AWESOME :D

Right now my focus is on acting and taking on new challenging roles, but I do love fashion, so maybe one day.

RT @missstarlightx: Why did you choose this role in the first place? How was the process to get it? #AskAshleyGreene#TheApparition

I liked the fact that the character of Kelly was a smart strong woman. The film is scary on a psychological level and I really liked that.


RT @mizzzezzbieber@AshleyMGreene All time favorite scary movie? #AskAshleyGreene

Probably “The Shining” or “The Strangers” Both terrifying.


RT @CityOfAshleyG@AshleyMGreene If you could be anyone for just a day, who would it be and why? #AskAshleyGreene :)

Will Ferrell….hands down


RT @IHeartJWhitlock@AshleyMGreene What was the hardest part of filming #TheApparition#AskAshleyGreene

Being physically and mentally exhausted for three months…..


RT @mddeese@AshleyMGreene Ur favorite actors or actresses?#AskAshleyGreene

Audrey Hepburn.


RT @mddeese@AshleyMGreene Wht was the scariest scene u filmed? #AskAshleyGreene#TheApparition

Probably the hotel scene. I got a little claustrophobic .


RT @CandyAshKrisJen: Would Marlo make a good companion for apparition hunting, or does she get scared easily?#AskAshleyGreene

Marlo…. not so much. Theo on the other hand thinks he is 10 feet tall…. great guard dog.


RT @Meriem4JH@AshleyMGreene Are there any similarities between yourself and Kelly? #AskAshleyGreene :)

I think we are both pretty proactive and have strong personalities. She’s also an animal lover like me :)


RT @FuckYesKS@AshleyMGreene If you could be an animal by choice, what would you be? A bat? #askashleygreene

A hummingbird :)


RT @ZahraBlack94@AshleyMGreene what’s your favourite comedy movie? #AskAshleyGreene

Billy Madison. My mom had to hide the tape from my brother and I because we watched it over and over and over again.


RT @krinapatel_: if you could be friends with any of the characters you’ve played, who would it be and why? :) #AskAshleyGreene x

Alice! She’s extremely fashionable, loyal, and she could definitely protect me from bad guys.


RT @x3itshayley@AshleyMGreene#AskAshleyGreene can you describe the movie in 3 words ?? :D #TheApparition

Terrifying. Elevated. Dark. #TheApparition


Ashley Greene: Thank you guys for all the awesome questions! Hope to see some of you at The Apparition Premiere Thurs! 630pm Graumans Theater. :) Love ya!

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