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Talking Breaking Dawn, Prom Dresses And College Plans!

We got to speak to Ashley Greene at New York’s Regency Hotel recently and in Pt. 1 of our exclusive interview, we got the lowdown on her new coming-of-age film, Skateland. In Part 2, we discuss whether she wants to go to college or not, Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, how she feels about all the Twilight series marketing (including the Alice Cullen doll) and more private stuff like her prom dress donation charity work (and no, we weren’t allowed to discuss Joe Jonas)!

Q: Have you thought about going to college?
AG: Definitely. I think at this point it would be kind of silly for me to just halt and stop everything with all the opportunities that are coming, but I think down the road I definitely…I don’t know that I’ll go to a campus. I could take online courses, but I think that I’m never going to want to stop learning and growing. The funny thing about this profession is that virtually anything you learn and any experience that you go through you can use in this profession. So I was very interested in law and I was very interested in psychology when I was in school. I actually had a magnet program high school for that. So I think that psychology is still something that I’m very interested in learning about.
Q: How does it feel to be nearing the end of the Twilight saga?
AG: I think it’s a bittersweet thing. I think at this point we’re not…we’ve been filming for I think four and a half months all ready and we have another month and a half left, but we are currently filming two films. So we’re going to have stuff coming up for the next two years and the press tours are intense and then the premieres. So I think it’s kind of like high school. It’s like you’re excited to graduate, but at the same time you know that you’re going to miss your friends. I think we kind of know that we haven’t seen the last of each other, that we still have a few years.
Q: How do you think you would’ve spent your free time as a teenager in the ’80’s as opposed to how you would’ve spent your free time now as a young adult?
AG: I mean, probably a lot more personal contact and bike riding and ice cream. I just think that one of the huge differences that I noticed from filming Skateland was the technology and the electronics and the internet and instant gratification and cell phones and text messaging. I’m just as addicted to those things as anybody else is in this room, but I think there was something kind of nice about seeing how people communicated whenever we didn’t have all these things.
Q: Are you interested in doing a play in the future?
AG: I’m reading one right now. I think it’s certainly something that interests me. It’s terrifying to me because it’s an unknown territory, but I think it’s definitely something that I’ll embrace eventually. I have a huge respect for people who do plays. I just saw “Les Mis” not too long ago and I think it’s incredible.

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