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It seems that it’s now a proven fact that one just has to be touched by “Twilight” to earn instant worldwide fan recognition, and maybe say a line or two to go from unknown to established actor. For Ashley Greene, who had previously only starred for a few episodes in a couple TV series and landed a role in some unknown movies, it has created her career.

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Ashley had been chosen to star in “Butter,” an upcoming film starring and produced by Jennifer Garner, also starring Rob Corddy. It’s starting filming this week in Louisiana, and is directed by “She’s Out of My League’s” Jim Field Smith.

So it might not be Oscar-winning material, but Ashley is at least taking a step in the right direction after “Twilight.” She will be playing a “rebellious high school teenager” named Kaitlen Pickler, who will be one of many “competitive characters” in a small Iowa town fighting over their annual butter-carving contest. Those last three words may sound a bit ridiculous now, but think about how you would have responded to the idea of fang-less sparkly vampires five years ago.

This is just the next in a line of exciting upcoming projects Ashley has lined up, and just one more thing adding to her cred of being more than just “the girl from ‘Twilight’ who’s not Kristen Stewart.’ In fact, Russ Fischer over at /Film called Ashley “the one reason I’d think about ever wanting to watch any of the ‘Twilight’ films,” which is high praise considering the blog notoriously hates “Twilight.”

In terms of upcoming projects, we are of course talking about her role in “The Apparition”opposite Tom Felton and the-next-big-thing (also known as Sebastian Stan). She also has “Warrior” which puts her opposite her “Twilight Saga” costar Kellan Lutz, and “Skateland,” which — though it debuted at Sundance — still hasn’t made its way to domestic release. At least we know that after she makes her million renegotiating her contract for “Breaking Dawn,” Ashley Greene should be sticking around for quite a while.


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