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Ashley is the cover girl of the Mexican Esquire magazine for the November issue. The photoshoot is by John Russo, you can see some outtakes here. Thank to twilightpoison for the scan and for the translation of the interview. Enjoy!

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One time Jodie Foster told me she felt bad for the young Twilight cast, because there’s no time to get used to that ammount of success so suddenly. They’re normal kids, and the next day their phones are inundated with phonecalls, there’s paparazzi everywhere, and their computers are victims of hackers. My question is – what is it like to go from working at a bowling alley, to being part of a worldwide phenomenon adored by millions and millions of people, and being featured in the lists of the sexiest people alive? I caught up with Ashley at the Chateau Marmont to find that out. I didn’t find a random starlet, but a 24 year old woman that even Jodie Foster herself would’ve loved to hug.

What were you like as a child?

I was rough. My aprents would be like “don’t go on the trampoline, or you’ll break something” and I would go for it anyway and break a bone. And I would break the same bone again.

My friend’s brother was 14, I was 10. The difference in size is huge at that age. He jumped, landed on his back, and when he bounced back up his knee hit me in the leg so strongly that it actually broke. He broke my femur, which is the longest, hardest bone to break in a human body. I knew it was broken because I had broken my arm twice before. But it didn’t end there. When my femur was healing, my brother was taking me out on a wheelchair. Baggy pants were in style, so his pants dropped, he let go of my chair to pull them up and I flew across the street. The first thing he said was “Don’t tell mom!” but he broke my femur again and I had to wear a full body cast. Luckily we had insurance, poor mom. I’ve broken my skull twice. One time trying to do a back flip in a pool. Instead of jumping backward I jumped forward, hit my head on the floor, knocked myself unconscious and thn fell on the pool. Mom had to jump in and save me. The second time my brother was chasing me around the house. I turned around to see if he was behind me and I smashed my head against a wall. I feel like I shouldn’t tell people these things, they don’t make me sound very smart.

Well, you were lucky nothing worse happened.

Read the rest interview here

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