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The Fan, DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdward , got to meet Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) recently! Here’s her story!

Well on July 11th I was at the airport in Savannah, Georgia with my family (we were on a flight back home) when I spotted one of the workers at the airport taking a picture with a really beautiful girl. I thought maybe it was a friend, and then I did like 5 double takes and started hyperventilating. My mom realized at the same time I did that it was Ashley Greene! The airport was not packed at all and the terminal we were at was very small, so no one else was waiting to take pictures of her. No one even seemed to realize she was there, except the one worker. She was standing by herself with perhaps her agent, I’m not sure, so I went over with my mom and said, “Are you Ashley Greene?” And she smiled as said, “Yes.” So my mom had a conversation with her, and Ashley said she was going to Comic Con! I was like, “Omg I know all about that!” She was very sweet and she took a picture with me and my sister and then signed autographs for us. She had her little dog in a bag next to her, it kept barking, and she was like “Shh, shh!” My sister told her that she was so beautiful and Ashley was just so gracious and kind. She’s even more beautiful in person!


So sweet story!! Click the pic above for enlarge!

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