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Ashley Greene may be best known to Twilight fans as Alice, the impish vampire who adds a touch of girlie fun to the Cullen clan. But offscreen, her image is less pixie than provocative. Whether she’s proving herself to be a budding fashionista on the red carpet or posing for revealing magazine covers (she graces the latest issue of Women’s Health in a bikini), she can’t help but turn heads. Her movie career is also red-hot; she just wrapped Butter alongside Hugh Jackmand and Jennifer Garner, and landed her first leading role in the upcoming supernatural thriller, The Apparition.

The 23-year-old actress talks to before the MMVAs about weird fan experiences, training for Eclipse‘s fight scenes, and which “messed up” moment from Breaking Dawn she can’t wait to see on the big screen.

You look great, as always.
Thank you. This dress is J Mendel. I love it because it’s so summery.

Do you have fun with fashion or do you feel pressure because there are so many people analyzing what you wear now?
I keep it fun. My general look is casual but put together, and then I get to go all out on the red carpets, so I get to live a double life. Tonight at the MMVAs, I’m wearing Isaac Mizrahi. It’s this crazy metal ensemble and I don’t know how I’m going to sit in it.

Are you looking forward to the MMVAs?
Oh yeah. Everyone who’s there — we’ve all become friends. Like Jessica Szhor from Gossip Girl is here and she’s a good friend of mine. And Nina [Dobrev from Vampire Diaries] is here. We all went out to dinner last night, so I’m literally in heaven.

Are you used to dealing with those insane crowds now?
I just take a deep breath. It’s one of the most exciting parts about this. There’s the glitz and the glamour, but when you get to see firsthand the fans who are backing you and are the reason why you’re doing well, and to see how excited they are, it just gives me butterflies.

What’s the weirdest fan experience you’ve ever had?
This one woman asked me if I would marry her husband. I was like, “Um, I’m just going to walk away now.” I always think it’s crazy when fans send me things and give me things. Because I’m like “You don’t need to get me anything; you’ve already given me a career!” But I have a fan that made me this incredible, intricate scrapbook. It was an entire documentation of my career, which is a really special thing to get from a fan. It was really cool.

I hear you haven’t seen Eclipse yet.
I’m going to wait. I want to see it at the premiere. I think if you’re going to go, go all out. So I want to be there with the fans. It’s always fun to hear their reaction; if you’re character gets hit they cringe and groan, and then they scream when Rob comes on, so it’ll be fun. Plus, I want to see it for the first time with all my friends and family.

I think you’ll really like it; it was my favourite of the three.
Thank you! That’s so good to hear. Because it’s also really nerve-wracking, waiting to see it with everyone. You’re like “What if they all hate it?” But there is a lot of action, and David Slade’s sense of humor is very dark and twisted and dry. And I think that’s going to play across in the film.

This one has lots of action and fight scenes. What was the training like?
Man, we trained forever. It was a good six, almost seven weeks having to work with a stunt coordinator and then a personal trainer. It was crazy but I was so amped and ready for it. I took martial arts as a kid so I was like “Yes, throw me into it. Let’s go!” To be able to look at it and say “That’s me. I did most of my own stunts” is a very cool thing.

Has your approach to Alice changed over the past three movies?
Every director we’ve worked with has been really fantastic and each film has a different tone, and it’s nice that we have the ability to add layers to our character and they get to grow with each film. I certainly have a base that I set up and I’m very attached to this character, but it’s really nice to have a director come in and give you a different perspective. I’m always open to opinions of other people and ideas the character. It’s completely a collaboration. I don’t know how other films work, but I know with this one, everyone’s been completely respectful of each other.

How was working with David Slade?
It was really fun, really exciting. He is just a crazy ball of energy. You could completely see where he was going with this film. It’s very dark and twisted; it’s a little more mature. I think he’s growing the franchise, so it was really nice working with him. And Bill Condon…I’m super excited to work with him [on Breaking Dawn]. He’s a brilliant director as well.

This film is so much darker than the other two. Did that affect the mood on the set?
Not really. We’ve become so comfortable with each other and our characters that in between takes, we break character and joke around and then they call action and we’re able to go right back into it. That’s also how David Slate works too. We break and he jokes around.

Are there any scenes from the books that you wish made it into the movies?
Me and Jackson [Rathbone] were talking about how we wish they could have intertwined that whole diner scene with Jasper’s backstory because it’s so sweet; it’s one of my favourites. But luckily, the fans probably know more about Alice than I do. [Laughs] So they don’t need to see everything on screen to understand why Alice is the way she is.

Are you looking forward to Breaking Dawn?
Oh yeah. Even though it’s not about my character, I want to see the interaction between Jacob and Renesmee. I’m very interested to see the scene where he imprints on Renesmee and just see Kristen’s reaction to realizing that. I think it’s going to be a really messed up but hysterical scene to watch.

It’s going to be difficult to keep Breaking Dawn PG-13.
I’m dying to see the script to see how they do it. I have no doubt that it will be PG-13 but there are a lot of things that are going to have to be blurred over. But I think that’s why they hired Bill Condon; I’m sure he’s up for the challenge.


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